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• That Your Website Lacking Visitors and Traffic.


• Your Products are Being Seen. But Not Reaching the Checkout.


• By The Idea of Increasing Sales Activity by Up-to 63%

I can help

Businesses across the UK know firsthand that I posses a unique combination of technical know how and consumer insight. It’s how I get them more customers with the click of a button, and it’s how I can help you:

 * Standout Online * Rank Better on Google * Grow Without a Minute’s Extra Work 

I started doing what I do because I believe growing a business should be as easy as clicking a button:

Man Browsing
Say Goodbye to Random Browsers

I don’t connect you to any old internet window shopper to boost the stats. Instead I connect you with up to 50,000 specially targeted shoppers who are looking to buy the things you do better than anyone else

Say Goodbye to Hard Work

* I Make Your Account
* 50 Products to the Directory for You
* We Won’t Charge You a Penny When You Add More Products
* You Reap the Rewards

There could be many reasons that you are experiencing Slow Website Traffic & Poor Performing Sales. Start today with a website audit and lets improve things for your business.

What Happens If You Do Nothing

Your competitors could start using my services at any point and leave you behind.

 Did You Know?

Every time another business grows you’re losing customers? Not only that, but with every passing day their growth could be accelerating them away over the horizon…

Delaying until you feel the time is ‘right’ just makes no sense.

Businesses right across the UK are making money even while you read this. They’re generating leads, taking your customers, and keeping the profits that should be yours.


A UK Business that did'nt delay and don't even have a website

An established eBay seller approached me to help take their sales to the next level. They decided to list 46 of their products on my directory, here’s how we got on:

– Within 30 days I had personally generated sales for 29 different product lines
– Within 60 days I had directed 10,000 shoppers to their eBay store

This story isn’t the exception, it’s the rule. That means your competitors could start using me at any point and leave you behind.

UK Product Directory Increased Sales stock image

What People Say?

Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown Photography

It’s been a long time coming. I didn’t really know how to go about seeking help for my flaging sales.  My marketing skills were limited. Thank you Carlton you have been priceless in helping me grow my business. 

 February 2018


Linda Hopkins

Feel Good Dynamics

Working with The UK Product Directory for the last 10 Months, I have received increased sales. Becasue of you I have gotten business activity and sales since Day 1, Which is remarkable because my website is a new build 

July 2018

John French

Business owner

I am happy to say that I’ve been a client for more than 15 years, and  UKPD has helped me above and beyond its remit often without cost. Dedication to customer satisfaction – that’s UKPD. 

July, 2017

The Key Numbers

Increase Sales Potential

Proven to deliver increased customer activity and sales. 

Invited Guests Viewing Your Products

Connecting potential customers to your business

Potential Customers

Many of the UK population search the internet for products similar to yours every day. 

Focused Marketing that will transform your business

Using your service has increased sales each month and  taken my website to the next level. Thank you. I’m much happier with where my online business is.  

Damien Foster – Cottage Crafters, http://www.cottagecrafters.co.uk

Ian Foster