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frequently asked Questions

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Ok I will bullet point the key elements. 

  • I list 50 to 200+ of your products to my directory.
  • I attract 20,000 – 50,000 (Minimum) interested buyers, (that’s people that have an interest in making a purchase of this type of product in the near future).
  • The buyer attracted to my directory clicks through to your business to buy. (this filters window shoppers/time wasters before they reach your website/business).
  • I continue to market your products for a full 12 months promoting your products via the directory and directly to your business.

I only service the UK currently.

Yes, of course. the issue is time and money. I will perform hours of work over 12 months… What would say 200 hours of your time cost you?  I make it a very affordable alternative!

However If you still want the DIY route I have services starting from £24.99 Per Year. This includes a business page and over 1,000 hours of learning material to help you perform all your customer attraction yourself. 

Traditional SEO revolves around a handful of keywords used to help customers find you! I specialise in business products. If you where to get 4 or 5 keywords promoted via SEO for say 50 products the costs would run in to tens of thousands of pounds per month! Yes. There are expensive alternatives to my service.

So my service doubles and in some cases trebles the chances of your products being found because they are listed on more than just your website. 

The possibility of sales is increased with my service there is no doubt. up to 63% increased sales for more than one client.  I must be clear, sales are dependant on factors outside my control. 

  • Price.
  • Location of items.
  • Local competition.
  • Customer service of the business. 
  • Opening Times.
  • Delivery costs and performance. 

The list is exhausting so I cannot and will not guarantee sales I will only guarantee to deliver a minimum amount of interested buyers. No one else can do that!

Fantastic and of course I can, when it comes to large amounts of products I can import your entire product directory in minutes and can provide your IT professional with direct access to the directory.  Contact me to discuss your needs. 

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